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Buying Bitcoin – Will I pay tax?

The Bitcoin frenzy in late 2017 was quickly followed by a crash over the next year that saw it drop from above AUD$25,000 to less than $4,500. Although we have no view on cryptocurrency performance, recent predictions from crypto analysts suggest the upward trend this year may be set to continue, with Bitcoin prices reaching […]

Franking credits – what are they?

If you have ever invested in the stock market, it is likely you have come across franking credits. Whether it be an amount on a dividend statement you notice doesn’t hit your bank account, or a refundable tax offset you see on your tax return. What does it actually mean and how does it affect […]

Working holiday makers

People who come to Australia on a “working holiday” are taxed at higher rates than Australian residents, meaning they do not get the same benefit of the tax-free threshold. However, from 1 January 2017, working holiday makers will pay tax at 15% for taxable income up to $37,000, instead of the higher non-resident tax rates. […]