Below are a number of useful fact sheets and videos under the following categories:

Businesses and individuals
Other topics

Businesses and individuals

Self education expenses
PAYG instalments for individuals
ATO general interest charge (GIC)
Non commercial business losses
What is fringe benefits tax?
PAYG voluntary agreements
Concessions for eligible businesses
Share investing versus share trading
Small business CGT concessions
Business deductions 
Working holiday makers
Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies
Ride-sourcing and tax
The sharing economy and tax
Late lodgement penalties


ATO videos on GST (BAS, record keeping, registration)
GST food guide
GST and motor vehicles
GST – Hire purchase and leasing
GST and insurance


Various ATO videos on SMSFs (setting up, investments, contributions, administration)
Employer or contractor – myths and facts

Other topics

Wine equalisation tax