• Q: Does COVID-19 impact on tax time services?

    At Francis A Jones we have implemented thorough COVID-19 protocols. Our office is open for face to face meetings, but we have alternate methods available for those who prefer not to attend in person. These include:

    • Video conference appointment
    • Telephone appointment
    • Email your information to us
    • Upload your information to us
    • Mail your information to us

    Please click here to make an appointment and note your preferred method, or call us on 9335 5211.

  • Q: Do I need an appointment?

    It is preferred, but not essential to make an appointment to have an accountant prepare your personal income tax return. We generally have accountants on call to service clients who do not wish to make an appointment. However to avoid delays we do recommend that an appointment is made where possible, as there are periods when all accountants are busy, especially during the months of July to October.

  • Q: Do you prepare my return while I wait?

    Yes – we will generally prepare your individual tax return while you wait, usually a 30 minute process. However if your return is complex, missing information, or you are lodging multiple returns, we may take your information for later preparation.

  • Q: What is the cost of preparing a tax return?

    Our fee for preparing a basic individual tax return for the 2021 year starts from $231 including GST. Where returns require non standard inclusions such as rental properties, capital gains, business income or other complex matters, additional charges will apply based upon the complexity of the tax return.

    Tax returns with a rental property start from $297 and tax returns with a capital gain commence from $352.

    Prior year returns (2020 and prior) start from $297, and returns for temporary residents (including backpackers) start from $352.

    For prior year or temporary resident returns we require an upfront payment of our fees. Your accountant will discuss this with you at the time of the appointment.

    Fees for services provided to business clients are determined based upon the time taken to complete the service, and can be estimated in advance upon request.

  • Q: Do you offer fee from refund?

    We no longer offer a fee from refund service. Fees can be paid at reception by cash or credit card or on invoice using normal payment methods.

  • Q: Why should I choose FAJ?

    FAJ is Fremantle’s leading preparer of Individual Tax Returns. Unlike some of our competitors, our team members are experienced degree qualified accountants who specialise in tax. Each of them commits to regular training on current issues, provided by a firm that has been preparing tax returns since 1930.

    At tax time each year we prepare more than 5,000 individual tax returns for our happy clients, some of whom have been with FAJ for decades. Our aim is to build a life long relationship with you so that we fully understand your own personal needs.

    When you choose FAJ to prepare your personal tax return, you have peace of mind that your return will be prepared accurately, and that you will get every deduction you are entitled to.

  • Q: Do you prepare complex tax returns?

    FAJ can prepare all complex tax returns. If you consider that you have complex affairs including significant foreign investments or pensions, estate issues, complex investments, residency issues or small business income please advise reception when making an appointment and you will be given the option of seeing a senior specialist.

    Please note that additional fees will be charged for complex returns as determined by your accountant during your appointment.

  • Q: When is my return due for lodgement?

    As a registered tax agent we receive automatic extensions for lodgement of our clients’ tax returns. Therefore you may not need to lodge by 31 October each year, and generally receive an extension until April or May of the following year (note that taxpayers with a poor lodgement or payment history will have earlier lodgement dates).

    If you are a new client to our firm we suggest that you contact us prior to 31 October, or as soon as possible so that we can register as your tax agent and receive an extension for you.

  • Q: How long will my refund take?

    We lodge all tax returns electronically, so your return is lodged with the ATO on the same day as it is completed. The ATO suggest they will issue refunds for electronically lodged returns within 12 working days (but it’s often much less), so it is likely you’ll have your refund within this time frame. However the refund is issued by the ATO, and from time to time they will hold up a refund for reasons unknown to us, and outside of our control.

    We cannot complete and lodge your tax return until we have received all requested information.

  • Q: I’m a new client, what do I need to do?

    Firstly contact us for an appointment. Following this you will receive an email confirming the appointment time and providing details.

    If you are a new client, you will need to bring suitable identification (such as a drivers licence) to your first appointment.

    Next read the FAQ on what to bring and ensure you bring the information needed. If you are unsure, you are always better bringing in more than less, and we can review your documents and work out what is required.

    Please feel free to call prior to your appointment if you are unsure about anything.

  • Q: Why do you need to ID new clients?

    There has been an increase in taxation fraud through identity theft in recent years, including identity theft through tax file numbers. To assist in reducing fraud we now require to sight suitable ID for clients new to the firm before we will lodge an income tax return.

    Suitable ID includes a valid WA Drivers Licence, a current passport or a utilities notice confirming your name and current address.

  • Q: Where can I park?

    Please refer to our ‘contact us’ page for full details of where to park.

  • Q: What if I cannot locate my PAYG summary?

    Under recent changes called Single Touch Payroll, many PAYG summaries can be accessed electronically by you through your mygov account, or by us via our tax agent portal, but only if we have been appointed as your tax agent.

    Where the information is not available through these avenues, your next port of call is your employer. You should make every possible effort to obtain your summary from the employer, even if they have relocated or business has ceased. Remember that the employer has an obligation to keep taxation records for a minimum of five years. Alternatively your employer can provide a letter stating your taxable income earned and PAYG withheld.

    As a last resort where you have exhausted other avenues, you will need to make a reasonable estimate of earnings and PAYG withheld by reviewing bank statements, pay slips and other relevant information.