FAJ Home Loans

Kristian Moore

Kristian Moore – Director/Licensee

Are you happy with your home loan? Are you getting the best rate that the bank can give you? Is it structured for the best taxation advantage? Are you thinking of borrowing to fund an investment property, or to upgrade your house?

FAJ Home Loans can provide highly competitive home loan rates for any purpose, including a home loan, residential or commercial investment loan, motor vehicle or business finance. And they may be able to get you a better rate than you are already paying on your existing loans.

Our key areas of expertise are;

  • Business owner: We have seen virtually every complex tax structure imaginable, will be able to understand your financial statements, and can liaise with your accountant to ensure your finances are presented in the best possible light.
  • Property investors: Whether you are looking at buying number one, or wanting to expand on the properties you already have, FAJ Home Loans knowledge will have your portfolio growing faster. We can quickly explain to you the advantages of negative gearing, and show you how to use it to minimize your tax liability.
  • Lending in the Pilbara: We’ve financed hundreds of properties in Port/South Hedland, Karratha/Dampier, Derby, Broome, etc. Bank credit policies vary greatly here, and there are many pitfalls for the inexperienced.

FAJ Home Loans is managed by Kristian Moore, who has been a licensed finance broker since 1997 and has been part of the FAJ team since 2005.

Call on us for professional finance assistance, and fast and friendly service – see the FAJ Home Loans web site for more information.