Picture of Daniel Papaphotis provides SMSF audits in Fremantle

Daniel Papaphotis CPA
Audit Partner
Approved SMSF Auditor
Registered Company Auditor

SMSF Audits

The FAJ audit team specialises in SMSF audits as a service available directly to SMSF trustees, as well as to other accounting and financial services providers looking to outsource this function.

SMSF advice has become a very specialised area. Francis A Jones administers hundreds of funds and has decades of knowledge and experience, advising both trustees and other professional firms around strategy and compliance.

An annual audit is compulsory for SMSFs and essential in the effective management of any fund. It’s also an opportunity for an independent party to review the fund from a different perspective, and to give advice and feedback. Our SMSF audits are conducted in a thorough but constructive manner so that we can add value to the audit engagement.

SMSF Trustees have many obligations by law, and we are seeing increasing action by the ATO where Trustees (often inadvertently) breach these rules. As part of our SMSF audit, we identify and report any compliance issues to the Trustees, educate them, and assist them in preventing or rectifying any compliance breaches.

Many smaller firms that outsource their SMSF audits to us also draw on our strategic and compliance expertise which we’re happy to share as part of the engagement. Benefits for other accounting firms include:

  • A professional and personalised service
  • Quick turn around times
  • All work is performed locally here in Fremantle
  • Practical resolution of any audit issues
  • Support with SMSF strategy, tax and compliance issues
  • Great service and real people you can talk to

With our broad expertise in all areas of SMSF, including establishment, taxation, retirement, pensions and strategy, we are perfectly positioned to give timely advice to trustees and accountants as part of the audit process.

All of our SMSF audits are conducted in-house at our Fremantle office. We do not outsource any part of the process. Our intention is not to compete on price with cheap automated on-line providers, but to provide a very personalised service focused on building long term valuable relationships.

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