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Focused Strategic Planning

FAJ focused strategic planning There are so many different, often competing – and always demanding – aspects to running a business that it’s easy to miss changes, developments and opportunities that could make a difference. Our focused strategic planning services are designed to help you drill down on and analyse key areas of your business.

Your FAJ accountant can help you identify the areas that need attention, and provide the analysis, tools, technology and feedback to clarify your vision, enhance your control, and maintain your drive to success.

The first step is to complete one or more of our Business Insight Questionnaires on our Planning and Growth page. Your answers form the basis of a 2-hour workshop with your accountant, to flesh out the details, and provide insights into how the issue can be resolved.

We then prepare a written blueprint that gives you clear actions to initiate, and ways to measure progress. If at any stage you need support or assistance in putting the blueprint to work, your FAJ accountant is available, and we follow up a month after presenting the plan, to offer further support or plan the next step.

The FAJ Focused Strategic Planning suite includes but is not limited to the areas below. Completing the recommended Business Insight Questionnaires will help you to identify the issues you’d like to focus on and get you started on thinking more strategically about your business.

Mission and Vision

A ‘back to basics’ exercise that helps to remind you why you’re in business in the first place, this is about redefining your purpose, your values and your goals. Together we’ll review your history, practices and culture, and create a clear future direction.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaires:

Download our Mission and Vision flyer

Finance and Risk Management

Every business should undergo one of these sessions at least once a year. Based on your business insight and current and projected financial data, we can identify risks and estimate finance requirements. If needs be, we can the put in place structures and systems to mitigate the risks, consider how to secure the requisite funding, and improve your overall financial health.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaire:

Download our Finance and Risk Management flyer

Markets, Products and Services

Are you in tune with your market’s needs? Are your resources used as effectively as possible? Are there product or service lines you should be winding back, or promoting? By reviewing your range, current, emerging and declining markets, cost and revenue centres, and allocation of resources, we can find answers and actions to reinvigorate your business.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaires:

Download our Markets, Products and Services flyer


Working with your business insight, we’ll examine your customers’ expectations, issues and complaints, upselling opportunities, and leads and referrals. We’ll identify who your top customers are and what they want, and examine new prospects and how to approach and convert them. And we’ll ensure that your resources are optimally allocated to make the most of both existing and new customers.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaires:

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The rate of technological change is so fast, it’s vital to continually identify new and emerging technology within your industry – everything from communications to bookkeeping, processing and packaging – and analyse the risks of non-adaptation. We’ll help you make informed decisions around technology investments.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaire:

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When did you last make an in depth appraisal of your competitors? Knowing what they’re doing in marketing, technology, personnel, product development and positioning, and operations, can help you appreciate how your customers are changing. From there, we can develop strategies to help you become more competitive.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaire:

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Marketing and Sales

You rely on marketing for sales and growth, whether you utilise the internet, brochures, direct marketing, B2B, above the line advertising or word of mouth to promote your business. We’ll analyse your past marketing efforts and compare them to those of your competitors, and use that information as a step-off point for developing marketing and sales strategies for sales growth.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaires:

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Human Resources

People are your business, and your responsibility. Getting culture, morale, efficiency, safety and compliance right is practically a full time job in itself. These workshops give you an opportunity to complete a business insight to identify risks, inefficiencies and opportunities to improve human relations, and work through the issues with an experienced, objective partner.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaire:

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Ownership and Succession

Understanding your business structure and its effect on insurance, profits, taxation, compliance and a myriad of other issues is always a good idea. When you’re thinking of changing the ownership structure, transitioning to retirement or change, considering selling or entering a partnership, or planning succession, your FAJ accountant can help you create strategies to promote easier transition, maximise profits and optimise tax relief.

Recommended Business Insight Questionnaires:

Download our Ownership and Succession flyer

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