Quarterly Strategic Workshops

FAJ strategic workshopsCommitting to spending time on the strategic side of your business is important. It gives you an opportunity to step away from the ‘doing’ and assess what’s working and what isn’t, and to find ways to improve everything from job satisfaction to the bottom line. Having an informed partner undertake this work with you in regular strategic workshops means you’re not working in a vacuum – it puts objectivity and experience on your side.


These regular one to one sessions can address almost any aspect of your business, from issues and problems identified in financial projections, to specific compliance, market, technology, production or HR matters, to retirement and succession planning. The agenda can be set by your FAJ accountant or by you, and follow-up actions determined for either party.


New directions, different ways to solve old problems, great ideas and long term planning are hard to come by when you have your nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel. These sessions are about freeing your creativity and generating the energy your business needs to thrive. Working with your FAJ accountant keeps you grounded, provides sound financial and commercial thinking and tools, and helps you gain clarity. Sometimes the best outcomes happen after just bouncing some ideas around.


Depending on the agenda, we’ll start with assessing past issues and the effectiveness of remedies and any difficulties with their implementation. Then we’ll review the processes, people, markets or technology involved in specific issues raised, and provide possible avenues to resolution. Follow-up actions will usually be agreed on, and your FAJ accountant will provide a summary of the workshop noting all salient points.


We allow one hour per session plus some time for preparation and follow up, and recommend that they occur quarterly at least. Some clients prefer monthly or biannual – the schedule is up to you. We find the more thought you put into the agenda, and the earlier you can advise us of what you’d like to discuss, the more effectively armed we are when we arrive, but we’re equally happy to just see what’s important to you on the day. Following each session we provide a summary of the meeting, including any recommended follow-up actions.

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