Business Roadmap

FAJ business roadmapIt’s important that you keep an eye on the bigger picture, but running a business day to day sometimes makes that difficult. Our Business Roadmap is a way of being clear about your goals and what it will take to achieve them, without committing to a full strategic business plan.


A broad overview of your financial, strategic and operational objectives, and the issues that could affect your business, will help you identify the tools and tactics you’ll need to attain your goals. As the name suggests, a Roadmap is a blueprint for success, with clearly defined objectives and actions.


The first step to achieving your goals is to understand and articulate them. Our Roadmap provides that essential background, and gives you actionable tasks to achieve every milestone and objective. We’ll also follow up to ensure you stay on track, with adjustments and amendments where required.


We’ll start with a comprehensive Needs Analysis, coupled with an exploration into your financials and any other factor that might affect your plans, from competition to staffing issues. Together, we’ll work through your challenges and opportunities, and that will drive the development of our Roadmap document. We’ll present our map, and provide ongoing support whenever you need it to implement the plan.


Initially, the needs analysis will take less than an hour of your time, and the ensuing workshop to discuss your responses should take around two hours. We’ll present your Roadmap in a short meeting, and you’ll leave with a written report with clear actions. After that how much time you or we put into its execution is up to you.

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