Business Forecasting

FAJ business forecastingOne of the easiest and most rewarding things you can do for your business is to stop ‘doing’ and start planning. Getting your FAJ accountant involved in your business forecasting ensures that you gain focus, objectivity, the right analysis tools, and clarity.


Business forecasting is about financially seeing the next twelve months or beyond clearly, and then addressing any issues that may be heading your way, such as opportunities, market trends, economic headwinds and staff requirements.


Our aim is to give you a better understanding of your entire financial picture, and to give you the tools to monitor the forecasts and how you’re tracking against these, so you know which areas of your business need the most focus. You’ll be better prepared for any challenges coming your way so that you can make well-planned decisions ahead of time.


We’ll analyse your historical and current profit and loss figures, and we’ll examine and explore with you how your business works, industry changes and developments, market trends, potential for growth, changes to your margins and funding requirements. We’ll use this information to prepare clear precise financial projections for your business.


It will take only a few hours of your involvement at the beginning and when we deliver your forecasts and reports. From start to finish can be as little as a week – and you’ll be in a far better position to plan your activities for the next three, six and twelve months, and beyond.

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