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Using bank feeds and rules in accounting software

Accounting software is constantly taking advantage of new and improved technologies including automation and artificial intelligence. But these are features that need to be understood and activated before they can be of use. To optimize your time and obtain the best results from your accounting software it’s best to aim for as much automation as […]

Online software for managing personal finances

Businesses use cloud-based accounting software for their day to day bookkeeping and accounting needs, to record organise and control their finances. But cloud software is not just for businesses and can be equally useful for managing your personal finances. If you have an accounting or bookkeeping background you can quite easily use a basic version […]

What should be on my tax invoice?

It’s a question we’re often asked – what should be on my tax invoice? I’m sure you know that an invoice is a record of purchase and allows your customers to pay for goods or services you’ve provided them. Invoices give details of the purchase and price that’s agreed to. This allows you to maintain […]